M1-powered ("Apple Silicon") Apple Mac Compatiblity Information

Apple has begun transitioning their Mac product line from Intel architectures to their own "Apple Sllicon" architecture, starting with the MacBook Air, 13'' MacBook Pro and Mac Mini.

These machines use a completely different architecture. Apple maintains that software not yet specifically compiled for this platform will run in the Rosetta 2 emulation layer (similarly to the PowerPC to Intel transition around 2006).

We have ordered a M1-powered machine for testing SINE Player, but until this machine arrives, we do not have any information if and how well SINE Player and our collections work on these new machines.

We fully intend to support this new platform as fast as we can, but please bear with us as we make compatiblity tests and find out what the change entails.

Note that the support of all Kontakt-based collections is fully on Native Instruments' side, as we have no coding involvement with Kontakt.

We will update this article as we gain new information.

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