EDU Discounts

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes, we offer a 40% EDU discount for students and teachers under the following circumstances:


- You study in residence at any school, music school, conservatory, university or similar recognized institution

- The field of study at such institution is not required to be in the field of music/media

- You are enrolled in a music theory/composing-related recognized distance learning course (part-time or full-time, with a fixed mentored curriculum, backed by a university or similar educational institution)

- There is no lower or upper age limit

- If the eligible person is a minor, the discount is still valid, but the order must be made by a person of age

Note that most online courses that do not earn a degree do NOT quality. All degree courses from ThinkSpace do qualify, but their short courses do not; likewise Cinematic Composing courses with the exception of Momentum do not qualify.


- You teach full time or near full time (at least 50% of your work hours) in residence at a music school, conservatory, university or similar recognized institution in a music-related subject

- Your employment may be permanent or temporary as long as you are employed at the time of requesting the discount and foreseeably will remain so for at least three more months.

How to apply

Just contact us via our support and include some proof of eligibility (scanned student ID, faculty letter, ...). Also include your OT Account name (email), so we can assign the EDU Status to your account immediately. The EDU Status will be active for one year from requesting it and will be automatic for all qualifying purchases. You can of course renew it after a year!

Please make sure that your proof of eligibility shows a recent date so we can verify that you qualify for the EDU discount. Anything that proves that you are right now and for at least one more month eligible for a discount will be sufficient.Please also make sure to send documentation in English, or with an English translation enclosed.

Please note that the EDU discount can not be combined with any other discounts (pre-order, introductory pricing, vouchers ...).Also, EDU discounts can not be applied in retrospect for accounting reasons.


EDU licenses of our collections share their Terms of Service with regular licenses and are not limited in any way. Only exception to this is that licenses bought under the EDU discount cannot be transferred to another user even if no download has taken place.

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