Singles & Rolls / Dynamics

Berlin Percussion features a unique "Singles & Rolls" patch type. This patch combines single hits with dynamically playable rolls.

In addition, most instruments also have recorded Dynamics, which reside in their own Dynamics patch. These two patches are separated for technical reasons, but can work together on the same MIDI channel.

Sample Mapping

The Singles & Rolls and Dynamics patches all are mapped as uniformly as possible. Some instruments for example do not provide dedicated samples for left and right hand playing, but if they do, the mapping will be the same for every instrument.

All instruments of the same family (snare drums, bass drums, ...) are sampled and mapped with the same layout which makes it possible to use the same MIDI data for multiple patches or to layer instruments.

Also, the Singles & Rolls patches and the Percussion Dynamics patches are mapped in such a way that their playable areas do not overlap. This means that you can load these two patches on one MIDI channel per instrument and do not need to use two channels/tracks for one instrument.

Singles and Rolls

In these patches, the "Singles" always react to keyboard velocity, while the "Rolls" react to the XFade CC (CC1 Modwheel by default).

In the Kontakt keyboard, which can be toggled with the "Keyboard" button in Kontakt's toolbar, all keys with velocity-controlled samples are shown in blue, all XFade-controlled samples appear yellow.

Singles & Rolls Key Colors

Depending on the instrument, not all keys may be used. But if the instrument has a specific articulation, it will always be on the same key.

The general mapping for Singles and Rolls Patches is as follows:



below C2   Special Articulations (different mallets...)
C2 Single Hit Left
D2 Single Hit Right
E2 Rimshot
F2 Muted Hit Left
G2 Muted Hit Right
A2 Ricochet
C3 Roll Normal
D3 Roll with Accented Release
E3 Roll Double Stroke
F3 Roll Double Stroke with Accented Release
G3 Sforzando/Fortepiano
C4 Double Upbeat
C#4 Triple Upbeat
D4 Quadruple Upbeat


Most instruments in Berlin Percussion feature recorded dynamics. Like the Singles and Rolls, these are mapped uniformly across all instruments to make it possible to experiment with different combinations, etc...

The general mapping for Dynamics Patches is as follows:



from F4   Crescendos
from B4   Decrescendos
from E5   Crescendos/Decrescendos

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