Doubles / Triples

Berlin Woodwinds has recorded double tongue and triple tongue samples for most instruments. In a painstaking process, we recorded real double and triple tongue notes and made them react to your playing speed.
Berlin Strings extends this concept to Double and Triple Bowings, which work the same way.


Play a note and the first note sounds. Release the key and the second note is played. Basically you only need to play every second note, with the gap between notes determined by how long you keep the key pressed.


Playing tripled notes requires a bit of practice, but it is easily worth it: Press a key and the first note sounds. The second note sounds when you release the key and Capsule will automatically sound the third note after an equal period of time. This is very useful for playing triple-tongued triplets or short triple bowings in the strings!

Tempo Detection

All Doubles/Triples patches use two distinct sets of samples for slow and fast playing. Depending on your playing speed, the script will automatically switch between these two sample sets.

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