Runs Builder

The Runs Builder, which is available for the Clarinet Ensemble (a3) and the Flute Ensemble in octaves (a2+Flute 8va or Piccolo in the higher register) in BWW, as well as Violins and Celli & Basses in OSR, allows you to create custom runs by combining several groups of notes. Within these groups, which are all real recorded samples, you can hear the natural connection between notes - the “glue”, which brings these real recorded short phrases combined as a bigger run into your sequences.

Playing the Runs Builder

First, you need to select the key by pressing the corresponding keyswitches. Then you select a slot via keyswitch. If you have switched Auto Tempo off, you need to select a tempo mode with the Tempo Mode slider or MIDI CC. All contents and settings of the slots will be saved with your sequencer project file or in any Kontakt instrument/multi you save.

Slots & Articulations

When you load the Runs Builder into your Kontakt instance, all slots will be empty and basically nothing will be loaded into memory. Now you can click on any empty slot to select it. This slot is now activated, easily visible by looking at its highlighted border. To fill the slot with an articulation, just click on any of the available articulations in the lower left of the interface. The articulation will be loaded into RAM and its picture is displayed in the slot. When a slot is activated (white border), you can play the articulation currently loaded in that slot on your keyboard. You can change the slot in real time using keyswitches. Every slot has its own keyswitch. The keyswitch controlling a slot is displayed above the corresponding slot. To clear a slot, select it and press the articulation button again. There also is a Clear All button next to the articulation buttons.

Runs Builder Slots

Tempo Mode Slider

You will find a Tempo Mode slider underneath every slot. This slider is controllable via any assignable MIDI CC (just right-click) and lets you adjust playback of the samples between half tempo, double tempo and regular tempo as well as half triplets and double triplets. The current selection is shown below the slider. As an example, if you have a host tempo of 200bpm, a 16th run would be way too fast. Change the setting to half tempo and the run will essentially play as an 8th run. If you have the auto tempo button switched on, the script will adjust this slider automatically to find the ideal solution. To control the slider manually, switch off the auto tempo button.

Tempo Slider

Lock to Beat

If Lock to Beat is enabled, any triggered run elements will be synced to the respective next beat or part of a beat, depending on the setting of the beat slider. 1/4 is the default. For use with triplet-based figures, you can also set Lock to Beat to trigger on 1/4 or 1/8 triplets.

Lock to Beat


C0-B0 = changes the key (e.g. F Major, C Major, etc.)

C1-A1 = activates individual slots


Use the Scale slider to select the scale you would like your run to be in. You can assign a CC to this slider by right-clicking on it.

Scale Slider

CC1 Staccato

Moving CC1 (the Modwheel) all the way to 127 makes any slot play staccato. Any value below 127 will play the articulation loaded in the slot.

This feature is very useful to end a run. Just move the modwheel all the way up and play a staccato finishing note.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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