Electric Guitar and Bass (MA1)

Metropolis Ark 1 features two Electric Guitars, a Guitar Ensemble created from these two guitars as well as an Electric Bass. These have all been recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage and come with a few special Mic Positions.
These instruments also have some special FX samples mapped, which are explained in the following sections.

These instruments support the Auto Sustain feature, which is described in the Standard Articulations section.

Sample Mapping

The Electric Guitar and Electric Bass patches feature a number of special FX below and above the playable range for Single Strokes or Powerchords. The playable tonal range is marked on Kontakt's on-screen keyboard with blue keys. All FX keys are coloured yellow.



G0 - G#0 Dead Note
C4 - D4/D#4 Slides Up Down (D#4 Bass only)
E4 - F#4/G4 Slides Down (G4 Bass only)
G#4 - B4 Slides Up
C5 - D#5 Slides Plec (Guitars only)

Individual Guitars

The Guitar (L) and Guitar (R) contain Electric Guitar articulations. These two guitars are intended to be double-tracked with one panned left, and the other panned right. Here they are present as individual patches to facilitate finding your own sound.

The Guitars largely have the same Mic Positions as all other Metropolis Ark 1 patches; see Mixer View for details.

In addition, they feature a DI position which provides the Direct Input unaltered. The DI position is off by default in the Guitars; switch it on and route it to its own output to use your own effects plugins on the signal.

Guitar Ensemble

The Guitar Ensemble pre-mixes and pre-pans the two Guitars included in Metropolis Ark 1 and has factory settings like a typical double-tracked guitar setup.

All patches are playable right out of the box and are set up for the instant "action guitar" sound.

The Guitar Ensemble comes with its own set of special Mic Positions which are pre-mixed already for a great sound.


The Left or Right Close position provides the Close signal for the left/right Guitar. Adjust this position for more or less direct signal.


The Left or Right Room position controls the amount of reverberated Guitar sound. Adjust this position for more or less ambience.

Amp 1 / Amp 2

The Amp 1 and Amp 2 positions control the two Electric Bass amp positions. These positions are identical to the respective Electric Bass positions.

Electric Bass

The Electric Bass features two special amp setups, and is great to add precise bottom end to any track.

The Electric Bass provides four mic positions to shape the sound:


The DI position provides the DI box input unaltered. Route this position to its own output to use your own effects plugins on the signal.


The OD position lets you control the amount of overdriven signal.

Amp 1

The Amp 1 position provides an Ampeg SVT 4-Pro bass amp setup.

Amp 2

The Amp 2 position provides a special SansAmp setup that has been post-processed.

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