What is Capsule?

At Orchestral Tools, we are always looking for improvements on sampled instrument’s workflows. 

One of the biggest hindrances in making the most out of any sampled instrument and using it to its full potential is the presence of ever-changing UI schemes as well as the reliance on less than stellar technological backgrounds.

Capsule (Control And Performance Symphonic Utility Engine) is our solution to these challenges and addresses them by two means:
1.   A uniform UI for all collections, enabling the use of any collection immediately without having to learn a new UI scheme
2.   A performance-optimized framework that allows speedy development at optimal resource use

Capsule keeps all our different colors and articulations with adequate care. It integrates perfectly into NI's Kontakt - the most popular sampler to date - and uses all its strengths and possibilities at the highest possible efficiency. Capsule will adapt to your personal workflow. Choose between single or multi-articulation patches. As an industry-first, you are able to easily apply True Legato intervals of your choice to any long notes. You can morph from any articulation to any other within a multi-articulation patch. With polyphonic keyswitches, you are able to stack different articulations on top of each other without the need to create complicated maps and rules - it's simply playable! Our newly designed intelligent mixer will balance out all channels when you change the level of a single mic position. This way you can morph with ease through the different timbres of our mic positions and Capsule holds the volume in the meantime.

Capsule is the core of nearly all Orchestral Tools collections and is the framework these products are built on. It comes for free with every purchase of a Capsule-powered collection and is not a separate product.

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