Common Download Issues

The Continuata downloader skipped a package which is not complete

That's happening when the ISP cancels your download connection for a short time. The Continuata downloader tries to give you the best bandwidth during downloading. On huge downloads, some ISPs have a limit and cancel the current download -> the download skips the package and starts to download the next package.

Just let it run. The downloader skips all broken downloads and starts to install (extracting). Now an error message appears and the download restarts to download the corrupt downloads. This process will be repeated until everything is downloaded correctly.

Connect does not work - how to download manually

If for some reason you prefer to download your purchase manually, you can request manual links that directly access our server. You can find a link to request these at the bottom of your download email (the email that contains the download code/serial number). These links work for 24 hours. When they run out, you can simply request new ones the same way.

The Continuata downloader is crashing or doesn't react for a longer time period.

Please download the newest version of the Continuata downloader. Especially during the release of Metropolis Ark 1, Continuata fixed and changed many things on their downloader software. You can download the newest version of the downloader here:

I didn't get any download notification...

Please contact us. We can resend the download email. Sometimes the email will be filtered or goes into a spam folder. Please send us an alternative email address, where we can send you the download information.

If nothing above worked or solved your problem, please contact us.

For direct help with download issues using Continuata Connect, please contact

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