Crossgrading BWW to BWW Revive

Berlin Woodwinds Revive adds a whole new collection with newly recorded and revamped instruments to an existing BWW. The existing BWW is still available after crossgrading and the new instruments live within the existing BWW.
This section gives you pointers on how to perform the crossgrade and answers frequently asked questions.

The Crossgrade to BWW Revive is currently not available, but will be reinstated at a later time.

Note that this whole page only applies to users crossgrading from the original Berlin Woodwinds. If you do not already have a BWW license, you can buy Berlin Woodwinds Revive directly on our website and nothing on this page applies.

What does the crossgrade to Berlin Woodwinds Revive contain?

Berlin Woodwinds Revive contains an all-new woodwind line-up with most instruments fully re-recorded. Some instruments use vastly revamped source material from the original BWW and there is even a completely new Alto Flute - an instrument that was never part of the original BWW.

The original BWW remains as it was after the crossgrade. Berlin Woodwinds Revive is integrated into the structure of the existing BWW.

There is also a small update to the original BWW that updates it to version 2.2 with the newest Capsule version. This update is independent of Berlin Woodwinds Revive and is of course available without buying the crossgrade. The crossgrade requires the update, though.

Where do I get the crossgrade?

You can buy the crossgrade on our website. On the BWW page, there is a link to put the full version in the cart and another link for the crossgrade.

When you order the crossgrade, you need to use the same email address you used for purchasing BWW earlier. If for some reason you do not have access to that email anymore, email us with your purchase details for BWW and we will get back to you!

How is the crossgrade performed?

After purchase, you will receive an email with installation instructions! In a nutshell: Berlin Woodwinds Revive is installed into your existing BWW folder.

What are the system requirements? Does Berlin Woodwinds Revive require the newest version of Kontakt?

Berlin Woodwinds Revive and Berlin Woodwinds Legacy require Kontakt Player 5.5.1 or higher.

What happens to the existing BWW?

Your existing BWW will still be accessible as Berlin Woodwinds Legacy.

What if I left out the BWW 2.2 update?

If you left out the Berlin Woodwinds 2.2 update before crossgrading, your existing BWW instruments may show weird behaviour because they are expecting an earlier Capsule version. Fear not - just apply the 2.2 update and all will be well!

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