Re - Extracting Instruments / Container

If your instruments are behaving in a weird way, have a blank UI after Batch Resaving or if you simply want to restore all factory defaults, read on. This section tells you how to manually re-extract the instruments files and resource container without having to re-download your whole collection.

All Kontakt-powered OT Collections use three groups of files:
- The instruments file: This file contains all instruments and other items. It is always a .zip file and is called "".
- The actual samples: This will usually be multiple .rar files with part numbers.
- The capsule_container.rar: This .rar file holds the script container.

If you want to re-extract the instruments and the container to their default state (or are directed by OT Support to do so), please follow the instructions below.

Getting the Instruments .zip and the capsule_container.rar

To get to factory defaults, you need the aforementioned instruments .zip and the capsule_container.rar. There are two ways to find these:

1) Restoring from a Backup

If you have backed up your downloaded files on installation as asked to do in the Installation Guide, just go to your backup and find these two files.

2) Re-Downloading using Manual Links

If you do not have a backup, you need to re-download the two files. To avoid re-downloading the whole collection, you want to use the Manual Links. Find your download email (the original purchase email that contains your download code) and follow the instructions at the bottom to receive the manual links.

Make sure either way that you have the newest versions by comparing the version number of the instruments .zip to the Current Versions

After you have the two needed files (either from a backup, or downloaded again), place them in the collection folder (the folder that contains the Data, Instruments, and Samples folders).

Extracting the files

After you have placed the instruments .zip and capsule_container.rar in your collection folder, you need to extract both into that folder.


If you are using WinRar or a similar software, this process is very easy: Select both files, right-click and in the context menu select "Extract here" or a similar wording. Do NOT use "Extract into new folder" or similar! When during extraction a dialog pops up asking if you want to overwrite files, say YES. You NEED to overwrite files when prompted!


The process is trickier on macOS because it always extracts into sub-folders. Using unrarX or similar, make sure to extract the capsule_container.rar directly into your collection folder, overwriting the files present. To extract the zip, double-click it. It will extract into a sub-folder with the name of the .zip file. Move ALL the contents of that folder into your collection folder, overwriting files when prompted.
Note that because of the way macOS handles dragging one folder into another, the original folders will be replaced, not merged! That means you will lose all content originally in that folder, including older versions! To avoid that, you need to copy the content of each sub-folder individually. This is very time-consuming, but necessary because of the way macOS handles these things.
You can hold the Option key while dragging the new folders into the old folder, which will offer to merge the files. Note that this is very unreliable and you are well-advised to check afterwards that all is good!

Checking that all is well

After extracting, make sure to start the Win/Mac installer if one is present in the collection folder.

Then browse the Folder Structure for your collection to check if all files are present and at the right location.

Congratulations - you just restored the factory state :)

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