Handling of VAT

How is VAT handled in the shop?

VAT varies by state/country. The VAT is calculated by the shop automatically at checkout. 
If you are living in the EU (except Germany) and have an EU VAT ID, enter it in the shop and the VAT will be deduced. If you live in Germany, you will need to pay the VAT and the shop will refuse your VAT ID. This is normal behaviour - you will get the 19% back with tax returns. Consult your accountant for details.

If you are living in one of the tax-exempt regions of the EU (for example the Canary Islands), contact us prior to purchasing and we will sort you out.

Please note that VAT ID or anything that has to do with the content of an invoice can NOT be changed after purchase! Make absolutely sure your VAT ID is entered and accepted before finishing the purchase. If anything odd happens, contact us! We can solve pretty much anything as long as a final invoice is not sent. After purchase, there often is very little that can be done (like adding VAT IDs or so), because German invoicing laws are relatively strict.

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