Voucher Guidelines

Some Collection purchases come with a voucher that can be applied to a future purchase. These vouchers will be delivered with your purchase.
It might also be that a previous purchase makes you eligible for a loyalty voucher; if this is the case, you will receive an email at the time the voucher becomes active.

This page explains the terms and conditions of these vouchers. Unless stated otherwise in the email containing the voucher, the terms laid out here are applicable to every voucher.

Vouchers always apply to the subtotal. Unless expressly stated otherwise, vouchers and discounts apply to the retail pricing and do not take into account sales or other discounts.

What is the Fine Print for Vouchers

All Vouchers

Vouchers are one time use only and can not be split. If you use a voucher on an item lower than the voucher amount, the remaining voucher amount will be lost.

BOI/BOI2 Vouchers

During the limited promo period, you may have received two vouchers with your purchase of Berlin Orchestra Inspire and/or Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2. Details about these vouchers and how to use them can be found in your download email.

These vouchers do not have an expiration date; each voucher can only be used once. A voucher can be used on an already discounted collection (for example during a pre-order or intro period). A voucher can not be combined with any other voucher or discount. Vouchers can not be paid out in cash and can not be applied retroactively, meaning if you forget to use a voucher, a refund is not possible.

Loyalty Pricing in the OT Store

Some collections are available at reduced prices in our store for existing users of an earlier collection. In these cases, to qualify for the discount, users need to purchase via a special Add to Cart link that is clearly marked on the page directly surrounding the link using the same email address used for the previous purchase.

These discounts are only available via this link, can not be paid out in cash and can not be applied retroactively, meaning if you forget to use the correct link, a refund is not possible.

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