Download & Installation FAQ

SINEplayer Collections:

The download of Tableau Solo Strings does not start

Please make sure you are using SINEplayer or higher. You can check your version number by clicking on the OT Logo in the top left. If in doubt, just re-install from

Kontakt Collections: 

After adding the collection to the Kontakt Library tab and restarting Kontakt it is gone again

Please start the NI Native Access application, it should auto-update. After that, the issue should be gone.If not, contact us!

How do I extract the downloaded files?

If you downloaded with the Connect software, everything will be extracted automatically. Just follow the instructions in the Installation Guide.If you want to extract manually, you need a software that can unpack .rar and .zip files. There are numerous software solutions available for Windows and OS X, for example Winrar and UnrarX.Then just extract all files into the same folder without extracting into subfolders and follow the instructions in the Installation Guide.

The collection can’t be registered

Please start the NI Native Access application, it should auto-update. After that, the issue should be gone.

When I try to add the collection to Kontakt, it says "no library found"

Only Kontakt Player libraries can be added to the Library Tab.These libraries do not require the full version of Kontakt and need to be registered in Kontakt or Native Access with a serial number (identical to the download code).You can see which collections work with the free Player in the Current Versions section.All other collections (including all expansion collections) need the full version of Kontakt and can not be added to the Library Tab. You need to load these from Kontakt's Files tab.

You can easily recognize whether or not a collection is a Player collection: If it has a .nicnt file present in its root folder, it is a Player collection. If it does not have such a file, it isn't.

When I want to load a patch in Kontakt, an error message pops up "This patch was created in a newer version"

As the message says, you need a newer version of Kontakt. Please update to the newest version of Kontakt.You can see which version that particular library needs in the Current Versions section.

Do I need to keep the downloaded files after installation?

Yes! As mentioned in the Installation Guide, please make a backup of your downloaded files for later re-installation.

If nothing above worked or solved your problem, please contact us.For direct help with download issues using Continuata Connect, please contact

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