Multi Articulation Patches

All collections, in addition to Single Articulation Patches, feature a large number of groundbreaking Multi Articulation Patches.
Rather than just providing access to multiple articulations in one patch (they do that, too, of course), these patches allow you to combine different articulations and morph between them freely.
You can also apply legato transitions to every “long” articulation. So if you were so inclined, here‘s your chance for Legato Trills.

Some special articulations like Scale Runs are combined in one Multi Patch, for example Scale Runs or Dynamics. There are no corresponding Single Articulation patches for these.

Depending on the collection, there may be individual patches for Longs, Shorts, etc., or all articulations may be set up in a single patch. This mostly depends on the number of total articulations.

This section of the User Guide describes the UI and usage of the Multi Articulation patches. The individual articulations loaded inside a Multi Articulation patch work the same way as their Single Articulations counterparts. So please refer to the respective sections of the User Guide to learn more about these articulations. The notable difference is the legato behaviour: Since the Multi Articulation Patches allow you to use legato transitions or behaviour (scripted legato) with any articulation, there are no 1:1 counterparts to the regular Single Articulation legato patches.

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