Multi Locked View

The Multi Articulation Patches provide vast control over combining and blending articulations as well as the ability to create custom legato patches with any long note articulation.

The Locked View introduces a way to preserve custom-created patches using up to four articulations.

Click the Lock icon next to the preset controls to enter or leave Locked View.

A locked patch is frozen with its settings (active articulations, KS mode, velocity layers, RRs, etc...) as they were set at the point of entering Locked View. When locked, all samples not currently used are purged from memory.

As long as Locked View is active, no articulations can be changed and the instrument is immune to any settings changes via CC, as well.


When the Locked View is shown, the Multi Articulation UI changes to an interface more alike to Single Articulation Patches:

The Main Knob in the middle of the interface shows the current velocity or CC assigned to layer switching. Note that Velocity/X-Fade control are set per patch in the patch options in the Slot View, not by clicking on the Main Knob like in Single Articulation patches. The right of the interface shows the enabled articulations.

The Locked View essentially serves to enable creating and storing custom-built articulation patches that behave similarly to Adaptive Single Articulation patches like the Legato patches.

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