Capsule FAQ

What is the difference between a collection version and the Capsule version?

Most Orchestral Tools collections use the Capsule framework as their basis for hosting the samples. Basically any instrument is made of two different elements: The underlying Capsule script and the actual sample content unique to the patch. Capsule does not exist outside of the patches (so it is not a separate application or installation), yet it is the same for all collections. Therefore one version number defines the version of the Capsule script used (for example 2.5), while another version defines the version of the actual instruments.

When a patch is loaded in Vienna Ensemble Pro, the UI does not react/is messed up

This is caused by the VE Pro audio engine only running if the instance is connected to a host. Simply connect the instance to your host and the UI will work/react. This is not a bug, but rather expected behaviour because Kontakt can not render the UI thread if the audio engine is not running.

Loading a patch takes very long

Please perform a Batch Resave in an empty, standalone instance of Kontakt. This will speed up loading times tremendously.

The SPOT mic constantly switches on/off and the system is overloading

The SPOT mic is switched on and off with CC88 by default. Some MIDI controllers (for example from Casio) send this CC on every Note-On as a "High Def Midi" command to improve resolution. This causes the SPOT to be switched on and off rapidly and leads to overloads. To work around that, either deactivate Hi Def Midi in your MIDI Controller, or re-assign SPOT Purge to another CC in the Controller Table.

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