Standard Capsule Folder Structure

All our Kontakt-based collections use the CAPSULE framework and work in a very similar way.
This extends to the Folder Structure, which is the same for all Orchestral Tools Kontakt-based collections.

The Folder Structure

Every collection (including expansions!) must be in its own folder. Never attempt to merge multiple collections together!

This folder where all other collection files are in is the root folder ("/" in the following tree).

Within the root folder, there will be several sub-folders:

  • Documentation, containing the license agreement and a link to the Helpdesk
  • Data, containing preset files
  • Instruments, which contains all the patches
  • Multis (if applicable), which contains Multis
  • Samples, which contains all the samples

In the root folder, you will also find the capsule.nkc and .nkr files.
With Kontakt Player-powered collections (you can check which ones are Player-powered under Current Versions), you will also find  the .nicnt file in the root folder. This file does not exist for any collections requiring the full version of Kontakt.

Within the Instruments folder, you will always find a folder with the name of the collection and its version number, for example "BBR - Main Collection 1.1". Within that folder, there will be Multi Articulations, Single Articulations and TM Patches folders.

It is very important that you keep the folder structure this way! For example, do not copy the content of the Instruments folder to the root folder, or move the capsule.nkr/.nkc files anywhere else but the root folder!

Folder Structure - at a glance

Summing up, this is how your Capsule-powered collection folder should look (not all collections have a Multis folder):





/Instruments/Multi Articulations

/Instruments/Single Articulations

/Instruments/TM Patches




<CollectionName>.nicnt (only for Kontakt Player collections!)

<CollectionName> Mac and Win Installers (only for Kontakt Player collections!)

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