Why is the Password Reset eMail not arriving?

If you have tried to log in on our website and have been unable to do so, it might be that you simply do not have an account yet :)

All customers (old and new) have to register to a new account on the new website.
You may think you already had an account with us, but the account system is new, so even if you have previously purchased OT Collections, you will need to register.

If you try the password reset, the system will always tell you that a reset email has been sent, even if you have no account.

This is on purpose - we do it to protect your privacy, so that bad people can not enter an email address and find out this way if it might be registered.

In a Nutshell

If you have not already registered - do it :)

Reset Password will only work if you already have an account and only forgot your password.

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