SINE Player Changelog

This section lists all SINE Player updates and their changes.


SINE Player 1.0.5 resolves an issue leading to freezes and crashes in some sequencers, and brings some other fixes and tweaks.

New Features:
  • The Mic Remote will now show sound levels for all mic positions.
UI Improvements:
  • The Library will now no longer refresh automatically and reset open folders while downloads are running.
  • If no instrument is loaded in the Articulation List, the Performance View will show a message to that effect.
Performance and Reliablity Improvements:
  • SINE wrongly assumed that all audio production would run on a sequencer's audio thread(s). Turned out some do their own thing, and now SINE is ready for it. This fix solves the Logic Pro crashes and freezes reported, as well as stopping SINE from freezing when using Cubase's "Freeze" feature. It also makes SINE work in Cakewalk again.
  • Fixed a crash when unloading a plugin instance while preloading was still running.
  • Fixed an issue where the host would freeze if started without an audio driver selected.
  • When overlapping notes while keyswitching, in some cases notes could hang. Now they will correctly stop.
  • When you had single articulations of an instrument loaded, and afterwards installed additional mic positions of that instrument, existing projects would wrongly load all articulations of the instrument. Now they only load what was loaded previously.
  • When you dragged an instrument on top of an existing instrument, it would lose its MIDI channel assignment.
  • When importing existing content, in some cases a duplicate Series entry was created.
  • When two instruments were set to "Omni" MIDI channel and you adjusted the playable range of the 2nd instrument, it would not react to MIDI anymore.
  • If you try to delete a mic position that was already removed from your hard drive for whatever reason, SINE won't crash anymore.
  • Some small edge cases with Polymap creation were improved. If you've had weird results with Polymaps in the past, try again and let us know any issues you come across!


SINE Player 1.0.4 visualizes the patch loading status, makes SINE work better on low-resolution screens and includes a host of tweaks and fixes.

New Features:
  • While any instruments/articulations are loading, SINE Player will now show a loading bar. We recommend to play instruments only when they are fully loaded to avoid dropouts.
  • SINE Player will now rescale correctly on screens with a lower vertical resolution.
  • All MIDI CCs and Keyswitch settings in the Options View will now work per instance, not globally. SINE will use its default for every new instance and changing any setting in one instance will not influence any other instances (or new instances) anymore.
  • The Mic Remote will now preserve changes across SINE Player sessions. In plain speak - what you set in it will also show in it after reloading your project. Mic Remote also now supports "edge states" where individual instruments deviate from the Mic Remote standard.
  • The handling of engine overloads has been greatly improved.
  • If CPU usage goes too high during preloading while playing, SINE will cut MIDI input to avoid a streaming bottleneck. As soon as everything is loaded, this protection will be disabled automatically and full performance is used.
  • SINE Player now supports full legato behaviour within Polymaps from any articulation to any other, using the correct adaptive transitions.
  • When SINE Player asks for a download location, the dialog will now show the names of your drives, making it easier to find the correct drive.
  • There is now a toggle switch "Mic Merge Clipping Detection" in the Options - Advanced Settings that allows you to disable SINE's automatic clipping avoidance when performing a Mic Merge. Warning: if you switch this off, your mic merges might clip.
UI Improvements:
  • When starting a download, the download view will not briefly show the full percentage anymore before starting the download.
  • The unused "Lock preloaded data to RAM" checkbox has been removed.
  • The very last collection in the Library had a scrolling issue, where all but the last instrument would not correctly unfold. Now all unfolding is by the book.
  • When you deleted a Mic Position, the deletion dialog was always shown at the very top of the collection, possibly out of view. Now it is conveniently right next to the mouse cursor.
  • On macOS, the virtual keyboard would show translucent gaps between the keys.
  • When selecting a MIDI Channel in the Articulation List, "omni" is not truncated to "omn" anymore.
  • When loading an instrument with multiple legato articulations, the first such articulation is now active by default, not the last one as before.
Performance and Reliablity Improvements:
  • Projects now correctly load in secondary SINE instances (for example if you are loading an existing sequencer project while SINE is running standalone.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging and dropping articulations between instruments in the Articulation List.
  • Loading an additional articulation into an existing instrument will not reset the mixer settings to the default anymore.
  • Dragging a new articulation into an existing instrument will no longer make the keyswitches spread randomly across the whole keyboard.
  • Remapping the Articulation List to MIDI Channels would only use channels 1-15 before starting at 1 again. Now it uses all 16 channels.
  • When multiple instruments are loaded, removing any of them will not  reset the Polymap on the remaining one(s) anymore.
  • Improved loading of existing projects that had new mic positions downloaded since the project was created.
  • When you removed the first articulation from an instrument, the keyswitches would react delayed and on lower end systems, SINE would freeze for a moment. 
  • In rare cases, there could be crackles when moving the modwheel rapidly while playing.
  • Someone had the smart idea of naming their OT folder "otmeta", which resulted in instruments not loading. They do now, though we are still now sure why you wouldn't just name your folder a bit less cryptically.
  • SINE Player would not delete the folders of instruments of mic positions when removing them, only the actual files.
  • If CC1 was sent to an empty SINE instance, the host engine load would spike.
  • If SINE is hosted as a plugin, the host application would freeze if the SINE UI was opened/closed while a MIDI CC was being sent.
  • The Polymap Circle would dutifully react when dragged with the mouse, but would not actually change the active articulation.

SINE Player is required to download and install Tableau Solo Strings.


SINE Player 1.0.3. adds a number of UI updates and makes downloading and updating instruments more reliable.

New Features:
  • In the Mixer, mic positions can now be toggled by clicking on their name.
  • The Poly View in the Performance View now resizes when you make the SINE Player window larger or smaller.
  • The virtual keyboard is now also shown in the Library View.
  • SINE Player will only update the internal library when the user actually calls up the store, or downloads an instrument/update.
UI improvements:
  • By popular request, instruments now start out with their mixer channels expanded.
  • The Modwheel and Pitchbend Wheel now correctly animate.
  • When using multiple PlugIn instances, texts will not mysteriously grow in size anymore.
  • The download dialog will now use "Space" instead of "Size" for the drive capacity to avoid confusion.
  • The Settings panel of a Collection will now only show its first mic position location.
  • The version number is now also shown in the about screen.
  • The browser now works correctly on high-res screens like a Surface Pro.
Performance and Reliability Improvements:
  • SINE Player does not crash anymore when going to the browser, then immediately elsewhere.
  • Improved speed and reliability when downloading multiple collections at the same time.
  • Updates are now correctly downloaded to the correct content location instead of the folder where the content might have been originally if the user moved it.
  • Existing content now follows the correct sorting if only a single mic position is installed.
  • Saving sequencer presets now does not crash Logic Pro anymore.
  • General PolyMap Improvement and Stability Update.
  • Vast improvements to download and update handling. No more "Can not find mic position by ID".
  • If SINE Player is downloading instruments, the VST will not show the "Download in progress" warning when scanned upon opening the sequencer. The warning will only be shown if the actual UI has been visible.


SINE Player 1.0.2 brings big performance improvements, speeds up loading of large instances immensely and introduces full recall for custom PolyMaps. It also fixes a number of smaller issues and updates the Store/MyLicenses framework.

New SINE Store Layout:
  • The layout of the built-in store has been completely revamped, with external links to full product pages.
New Features:
  • When loading from an unsupported file system, SINE Player will now warn the user instead of simply act surprised and do nothing.
    (for this fix to be effective for existing collections, these collections need an instrument update. This update has been released for LAYERS already; it will follow for JXL Brass within a few days).
  • Updates will now automatically update the existing instruments instead of asking for a location.
  • macOS: Ctrl-Clicking will now reset mixer faders.
  • Activation and Reset links will now lead directly to the relevant pages instead of just the OT website.
  • The built-in Store/MyLicenses browser now has its own helper application that makes it more robust.
Performance Fixes:
  • When assigning a higher MIDI channel to an instrument, performance does not progressively get worse anymore the higher the channel.
  • When playing an instance while another instance is loading, performance is not degraded anymore.
  • Loading a saved project does not cause a stuck high system load anymore
  • System load when enabling new mic positions has been lowered.
  • Large instances will now close much, much faster.
Miscellaneous Fixes:
  • PolyMaps are now correctly recalled in existing projects.
  • Changed key switch ranges are now correctly reflected in MonoView.
  • When reloading a project with muted/soloed channels, the Mic Remote will be correctly restored.
  • After activating SINE Player, default key switches are now correctly set.
  • When switching between articulations with variable key range, legato notes will not hang anymore.
  • When switching between articulations with multiple variations, the UI will now display the variation that is actually sounding instead of the first one.
  • SINE Player will now dutifully stay open when loading a preset without clearing the Articulation List first. It will also load said preset.


  • Downloads now can be canceled and SINE Player will delete aborted downloads
  • SINE Player will not reload into DFD when no samples are changed (= less CPU cycles)
  • The macOS installation process has been improved
  • C-2 can now be selected via MIDI
  • Log Files are now called SINEPlayer.log instead of OTSampler.log
  • Fixed a rare issue where SINE Player would freeze or crash when switching from Store/MyLicenses to another tab


  • public release

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