SINEplayer Bundles FAQ

With the introduction of SINEplayer Bundles, some repeated questions have popped up, which we are happy to answer here!If you're wondering about anything not covered here, let us know!

Do SINEplayer Bundles contain Kontakt versions?

No, as the name says, SINEplayer Bundles are only for the SINEplayer Versions.

Can I get a Kontakt version of a bundle product?

No, you can not get a Kontakt version and it is not possible to get a Kontakt version of a collection you bought a SINEplayer version of.

But what if I want a Kontakt version?

If a Kontakt version of that particular collection exists, you can purchase it outside of the bundle, unless you already have that product for SINEplayer.

What if I already have one or more collections from a bundle?

Log into your OT Account and you'll see a special price that takes already owned collections into account! Make sure you see all products you already own before making the purchase! If you have earlier Kontakt versions, crossgrade them before the bundle purchase, as we can not make refunds if you forget.

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