Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for purchasing an Orchestral Tools collection! This document contains information about the installation and activation process for your purchase. Please read this document carefully. If you experience problems, you might find solutions in the FAQ sections of our Helpdesk.

The following table lists the collection names this Installation Guide applies to with the minimum required version of Kontakt. There you can also see whether you need the full version of Kontakt or if the Player is sufficient. You can learn more about Kontakt Player vs. Kontakt Full on our Helpdesk.

1. Collections marked "Full" in the list below require the Kontakt Full Version in order to run without restrictions. Additionally, these collections do not need to be activated, and they can not be added to Kontakt's Libraries tab. In Demo Mode, these instruments will stop playing after 15 minutes.

2. Collections marked “Player” in the list below will, of course, also work perfectly in Kontakt Full Version, and will need to be activated using your serial number.

Collection Name


BOI | Berlin Orchestra Inspire Player 5.8.1+
BOI2 | Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2 Player 5.8.1+
BHP | Berlin Symphonic Harps Full 5.5.1+
BHC | Berlin Harpsichords Full 5.8.1+
BWW | Berlin Woodwinds -
 - BWWR | Berlin Woodwinds Revive Player 5.5.1+
 - BWWL | Berlin Woodwinds Legacy Player 5.5.1+
BWW A | Berlin Woodwinds - Additional Instruments Full 5.5.1+
BWW B | Berlin Woodwinds - Soloists I Full 5.5.1+
BWW B | Berlin Woodwinds - Soloists II Full 5.5.1+
BWW D | Berlin Woodwinds - SFX Full 5.5.1+
BBR | Berlin Brass Player 5.5.1+
BBR A | Berlin Brass - Additional Instruments Full 5.5.1+
BBR B | Berlin Brass - Muted Brass Full 5.5.1+
BBR C | Berlin Brass - French Horn SFX Full 5.5.1+
BPC | Berlin Percussion Player 5.5.1+
BPC A | Berlin Percussion - The Timpani Full 5.5.1+
BST | Berlin Strings Player 5.5.1+
BST A | Berlin Strings - Special Bows I Full 5.5.1+
BST B | Berlin Strings - Special Bows II Full 5.5.1+
BST D | Berlin Strings - First Chairs Full 5.5.1+
BST E | Berlin Strings - SFX Full 5.5.1+
GDH | Glory Days - Big Band Horns Full 5.8.1+
MA1 | Metropolis Ark 1 Player 5.8.1+
MA2 | Metropolis Ark 2 Player 5.8.1+
MA3 | Metropolis Ark 3 Player 5.8.1+
MA4 | Metropolis Ark 4 Player 5.8.1+
TMA | TIME macro Player 5.8.1+
TMI | TIME micro Player 5.8.1+
NVL | Nocturne Violin Full 5.5.1+
NVC | Nocturne Cello Full 5.5.1+
TOG | The Orchestral Grands Full 5.3.1+
OSR | Orchestral String Runs Player 5.8.1+
SSP | Symphonic Sphere Player 5.8.1+
Organic Voices Vol. 1 - Solo Opera Full 5
Organic Voices Vol. 2 - Ethic Inspiration Full 5
Majestic Horn Full 5
Bösendorfer Grand Piano: Staccatos Full 5


This Installation Guide does not cover the general usage and features of Orchestral Tools collections. These topics are explained step by step in the User Guide, which you can find on our Helpdesk.

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