If you are using Connect, after the download has finished, the downloader will automatically unpack the .rar and .zip files into the folder you defined. There is no manual extraction necessary and, after extraction is complete, you should back up the downloaded files somewhere safe for future use.

Extracting existing files

You may want to extract files that you already have, for example from a previous download or a Backup SSD/HD.

If you already have all downloaded files from a Backup (SSD or HD), start Connect as normal and enter your code. When it asks for a location just point Continuata towards the folder where the .rar files are and it will begin extracting without re-downloading everything. If any files have been updated on the server, it will also download these files.

Unpacking Manually

If for some reason you do not want to use Connect, you can extract the compressed files manually.

If you want to make sure that you have all of the files, please refer to the File Listings in our Helpdesk.

Make sure all of the files are in the same folder. Ideally, this folder has the name of the collection. After that, unpack the first package of every multi-part archive into a folder of your choice; all the other packages will then be unpacked automatically. In most collections, you need to unpack the first samples package (collectionName_samples.part01.rar, which will unpack all others), the instruments file (usually a .zip file, collectionName_instruments.zip) and the capsule_container.rar (only for Capsule-powered Collections).

Make sure to unpack all files directly into the same folder of your choice, preserving the structure inside the files. Do not extract them into subfolders with the name of the compressed files!

For Windows we recommend WinRar to extract, on macOS we recommend UnRarX.

Verifying the Installation

To make sure everything has extracted correctly, you can refer to the Folder Structures in our Helpdesk.

Backing up the downloaded files

After the collection has been successfully extracted, the compressed files do not need to remain in the collection folder.

Please back them up to a secure location for future re-installations. Note that we can not guarantee re-downloads of purchased collections indefinitely.

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