Data Folder Installation

Berlin Orchestra Inspire 1/2, Berlin Woodwinds, Berlin Brass, Berlin Percussion, Berlin Strings, Metropolis Ark 1/2/3/4, Orchestral String Runs, Symphonic Sphere, TIME macro, and TIME micro need certain files in your Appdata/App Support folder to properly initialize. Please note that only Kontakt Player-compatible collections require this step - all Berlin Series Expansion Collections etc, do not. Depending on your platform, start one of the two provided installers in the collection directory.


Start your collection's Win Installer.exe. The installer will auto-install and close. Note that the installer will always open on your main screen.

On some system Windows, will display a “Was the installation successful?” message. You can safely ignore this message.


Start your collection's Mac and follow the instructions.

Manual Installation

If for some reason the installation fails or you want to install manually, copy the Data folder into:


<Username>\AppData\Local\<Name of your collection>


<Username>:Library:Application Support:<Name of your collection>

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