Add Library (Native Access)

Kontakt Player collections need to be added to the Kontakt Libraries tab and registered before they can be used. This step is only necessary for Player collections. If your collection requires the full version of Kontakt (see Current Versions), you can skip this section.

Please open your version of Kontakt to add the library. Make sure it fits the minimum required version. It is not possible to add non-Player libraries to Kontakt.

1. Make sure the Browser is active by pressing F1 or calling it up from the Panels menu.

2. Click on “Libraries“ on the left side.

3. Press “Manage Libraries“ and wait for Native Access to open.

4. Put in the serial number you received via email in Native Access (the serial number is identical to your download code) and activate your product.

5. Native Access will ask you for the location of the collection in the next step. Point it to the collection root folder (not a sub folder!).

6. Load an instrument back inside Kontakt to verify everything is working.

Kontakt Libraries Tab

If you have any installation/activation issues, please refer to the " Setting up a Third Party KONTAKT Library" video on the Native Instruments website.

Collection not visible in Kontakt after registration

If your collection is not visible in Kontakt's library tab despite Native Access saying that it is successfully registered, it may be hidden. To show it, go to Kontakt's options and check the corresponding Library checkbox in the "Libraries" section. It will show up then.

Options - Libraries

"Library content not found" shown in Libraries Tab

If the collection entry shows "Library content not found" in the Libraries Tab, just click on "locate" and point Kontakt towards the collection root folder (not a subfolder!).

Locate Library

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