Loading Instruments

After your collection is successfully installed and authorized, you can load patches in a number of ways:

- On Kontakt Player collections, all patches are accessible through the collection's entry in the Library Tab.

- You can load patches by navigating to their folder in Kontakt's Files Tab.

- It is also possible to drag and drop patches from File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS) into the Kontakt window.

Batch Resave

When you load a patch from any Capsule-powered collection for the first time, the instrument will ask you to perform a Batch Resave.

Batch Resaving vastly accelerates loading times and also makes sure that everything is installed correctly. To perform a Batch Resave, click File - Batch Resave (the Floppy Disk icon calls up the menu) in an empty standalone Kontakt (do not do it inside your sequencer!) and confirm the dialog.

Afterwards, point Kontakt towards the folder where your collection is installed. The patches will then be resaved. If a "Missing Samples" dialog pops up, show Kontakt the collection folder again. Make sure to click on "Browse for folder" in the missing samples dialogue.

You should perform a Batch Resave on every collection install and also after every collection update.

Batch Resave

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