Common MIDI CCs

We have taken great care to not clash with your existing MIDI CC allocations for all collections. Most CCs used by Capsule are standard CCs and should work well with your current setup. Nevertheless, the scripts internally use a number of additional CCs, which are also available to you as a user in case you want to adjust settings. Most CCs are user-assignable, so you can change them if you like. A number of additional CCs are used for internal calculations. These CCs are shielded to the outside so you do not need to worry about them.

Here is a list of all CCs used by default and their use:

CC 1

The modwheel controls morphing through the velocity layers if the X-Fade mode is activated on the Main Knob. You can change this CC in the Controller Table view.

CC 11

All patches have CC 11 (Expression) set to control the general patch volume. You can assign this CC freely in the Controller Table.

CC 7

In all patches, CC7 is mapped to the Kontakt volume slider. Use CC7 for balancing the collections in your template. You can assign this CC freely in the Controller Table.

CC 3

This CC controls the vibrato mode in patches that have vibrato styles (not all collections do - see your collection's Articulation Guide). You can assign this CC freely in the Controller Table.

CC64 (Sustain)

All Longs patches (as well as Longs articulations within Multi Articulation patches) use CC64 to hold currently playing notes after you have let go of their respective keys.

In the case of retriggered notes (for example, when a new chord uses notes already present in an earlier chord), the note(s) common to both chords will be faded out and retriggered. This allows you to play repeated chords and chord changes in a very realistic manner. This feature works automatically and does not need to be activated. You can assign this CC freely in the Controller Table.


Capsule uses CC115 internally to purge samples. Do not assign this CC to any function and make sure it is not sent automatically by any MIDI device. Do not delete this CC115 assignment in Kontakt's Automation MIDI tab, otherwise the patches will not work correctly! There is also a warning shown in Kontakt's automation tab. Heed it! CC115 sent by any outside device will be ignored by all Capsule patches.

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