Maximum Voices

Every patch in Kontakt is assigned a maximum number of voices it is allowed to play. If that number is exceeded while playing, Kontakt will automatically stop the earliest played voices still sounding.

Kontakt reserves a bit of system memory for every possible playing voice. This means that, if this number is set far higher than needed, superfluous memory will be used.

By default, all Capsule patches have been set with a default maximum voice limit tailored to how the particular patch is generally used. That means that Legato patches will have a higher value than for example Trills.

Multi Articulation patches have a rather high value to enable complex articulation routings.

Maximum Voices

If you use a lot of microphone positions (esp. in Berlin Percussion) and/or have a very dense orchestration, you might encounter dropped notes. In this case, just raise the maximum voices limit in the Kontakt patch UI.

Experiment with this setting to find the sweet spot for your applications. After you have found the value that works for you, just save the patch and it will be recalled every time you load this patch.

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