Installing Updates

SINEplayer-powered Collections:

Any updates to SINEplayer-powered collections will appear automatically in your MyLicenses Page. See Downloading Updates for details.

Kontakt-powered Collections:

Installing updates for your Orchestral Tools collections is easy. All our updates add new, updated instrument files and leave your old files untouched, preserving full backwards compatibility.

Downloading an update

You will receive an email with a download code whenever an update to any collection becomes available. You can check the current version numbers and if you are missing an email, contact us!
Enter your download code into the Connect downloader. The process is identical to a regular Installation and is described in detail in the Installation Guide.

Auto-Extracting or Manual Extraction

By default, Connect will automatically download and extract the update. After entering your download code, click Download. Connect will ask you for a location. Pick the collection folder, which is the folder where the Documentation, Instruments and Samples folder, etc. are located. Connect will then download and extract the update into that folder.

Collection Folder (here BST)

On all Kontakt Player collections (these are the ones you have registered in the past with a serial number) you need to run the Installer. Follow the instructions in the Installation Guide. You do not need to do this on all other collections.

If for some reason you want to download and extract manually, you can use the Manual Links as detailed in the Installation Guide. When extracting, make sure to extract all downloaded files directly into the collection folder, overwriting old files when prompted. Do not install into any subfolder; do not create a new folder for the update and do not change the folder structure in any way.

Verifying the update

To make sure the update has been correctly installed, open any patch. The InfoView will show the Capsule version number as well as the collection version number. Check with the Current Versions and make sure the Capsule version and collection version are correct. You can also browse the Folder Structures section to make sure everything is correct.

Collection and Capsule Version
(here BWW Soloists II)

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