Main GUI Areas

The SINEplayer UI is made up of several areas:

Header Toolbar

The Header Toolbar sits at the top, and contains essential readouts, your account link, panic button, access to saving and loading presets, etc. Here you will also find SINEplayer's powerful Search function.

The Views

Directly below it, the Views Selector lets you switch the main panel between the different UI Views.
The Library View holds all your purchased instruments and collections. From here you load instruments and articulations, here you can add new ones from an existing location, as well as manage what you already have. This view shows the Articulation List and the Articulation Options.
The Performance View lets you control what is currently loaded, use Mono and Poly Mode (to combine articulations, crossfade, etc.), as well as change unique articulation settings and variations. It also shows the Virtual Keyboard to adjust Key Switches and playable range positions. This view shows the Articulation List and the Articulation Options.
The Mixer View shows all available mic positions of all loaded instruments in the Articulation List and lets you enable/disable mic positions, adjust their settings and combine them in Mic Merges. The Mic Remote lets you control mic positions across instruments.
The Options View holds global options for SINEplayer. In standalone you set your audio driver here, as well as the MIDI devices. In standalone and inside your sequencer, you can set keyswitch and MIDI CC defaults.
The Store View holds the Orchestral Tools Store, from where you can directly purchase instruments and collections; My Licenses takes you to all your registered content, where you can start downloads right from within SINEplayer.
The Downloads view is found at the right edge of the Views Selector and shows all current downloads.

Articulation List and Articulation Options

In the Library View and Performance View, the right third of SINEplayer is taken over by the Articulation List and the Articulation Map below it.
The Articulation List shows everything currently loaded, while the Articulation Options control setting for one particular focused articulation.

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