Missing Content / Mic Position File Missing

If you load an instrument/articulation from the Library View, load an existing project in your sequencer or import a preset that requires an instrument or a mic position of an instrument that is not installed, a Mic Position File Missing dialog will show up upon loading.

This dialog will list all instruments and their mic positions that SINEplayer is currently trying to load, but is unable to.

This can have multiple reasons:
- the instrument is not added to the Library View currently, either because it has not been added (but is present in the file system somewhere), or because it has never been downloaded.
- the instrument is added to the Library View, but its files have been moved to a different physical location or the location can not be currently found (for example because an external drive is not connected).
The dialog gives you three options to proceed:
Search entire Library...
This option will extend the search for missing files to the entire library. This is useful if you have moved a whole collection to another location (or have just copied it from another system after realizing it was missing) and you want to fix any missing instruments from that collection, regardless if all of those instruments are actually needed in whatever you are trying to load. Clicking this will browse your whole library and display everything SINEplayer can not find right now.
The Relocate option lets you choose a folder which SINEplayer will search for the missing files. This way you can easily point SINEplayer to relocated collections or add needed instruments that have not been added to the library, right while loading a project. SINEplayer will try to resolve all missing files within the folder you pointed it to. If it could not find everything, you can point it to yet another folder, until everything has been found.
Abort loading
Abort loading will skip loading those instruments. The information of which instruments should have been loaded is preserved in the project/preset, though, so if the files turn up at a later date, SINEplayer can find them again.

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