Downloading and Installing SINE

You can download the current version of SINE Player at

This site will always give you the newest version, which you can install on top of any existing version to update.

Please note the system requirements and make sure to download the right version for your operating system.


SINE is super easy to install. Follow the steps below carefully and you'll be up and running in no time.


Start the downloaded .exe and follow the installation wizard.

You can choose a custom location for the VST plugin as well as the application location.

When the installation has finished, the installer will offer to start SINE Player.


Open the .dmg file. Drag the application (SINE Player,app) to your Applications folder in Finder (or use the provided link in the DMG).

To install the plugins, drag the .component (Audio Unit) and .vst files into their respective folders shows next to them. You only need to install the plugins if you have a host that uses them (for Cubase, for example, there is no need to install the Audio Unit).

Alternatively, you can also copy the files manually into the correct folders. These are generally:

Library:Audio:Plug-Ins:Components (for the Audio Unit)
Library:Audio:Plug-Ins:VT (for the VST)

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