SINE Player System Requirements

SINE Player runs on a large variety of systems and uses resources quite effectively.
The requirements will mainly depend on the kind of projects you want to run with it - how many instruments, mic positions, and so on.

See Collection System Requirements for more information about what we recommend for your projects.

Here are some general pointers for the SINE Player itself:

macOS 10.13 or higher, Intel Core i5 or similar, 8GB RAM (16GB+ recommended)
Windows 10 64bit, Intel Core i5 or similar (Windows 7 is not officially supported), 8GB RAM (16GB+ recommended)
Formats: Standalone, VST, AU
AAX is not supported at the moment.

General Notes

A lower number of higher-clocking cores are better than a higher number of lower-clocking cores.
A base frequency of 3.6 Ghz or higher works best. 

If your CPU is from before 2012, please first check with the free Layers collection if your CPU supports SINE Player!
First generation Intel Core CPUs, AMD Phenom II, and similar older CPUs from earlier than 2012 might be missing specific instruction sets.

We recommend SSD drives over regular HDD for the best performance results.

If you use Pro Tools, you can use SINE Player in an external host like Vienna Ensemble Pro. AAX Support is planned for the future.
FL Studio shows performance issue with SINE Player. Using Vienna Ensemble Pro is a viable workaround here, too.

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