Running multiple Instances / using Standalone and Plugin Together

SINEplayer is available in a Standalone version and as plugins for your sequencers.

Since all SINEplayer instances share access to your library, one instance must always be the master instance, which has the right to make changes to installed instruments.

Master Instance

The first instance you start will be the master instance. This can be Standalone or plugin. This instance can do everything. The master instance will let you access the Store and MyLicenses. You can download mic positions, remove them, etc.

Slave Instance(s)

Every additional instance (again, plugin or Standalone) will be able to read your Library, but not make changes to it. Store, MyLicenses and all other library edits are disabled and will show a warning when hovering over them.

As the message says, just do all your Library edits/downloads in the Master Instance.

Closing the Master Instance

When you close the master instance, for stability reasons, the first slave instances will not change to being master. You will need to quit and restart SINEplayer.

Multiple Instances in the same process

You can have multiple instances in the same process be the master, for example multiple instances in your sequencer. However, if any instance is loaded in another process (like in VE Pro, for example), it will be a slave instance, even if it is on the same system. That is because plugins are loaded per process.

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