SINEplayer FAQ

Where do I get SINEplayer, how do I install it and how to I download?

see the SINEplayer Installation Guide.

Does SINEplayer replace Kontakt? Can I continue to use my Kontakt collections?

SINEplayer is our custom-built platform that houses new OT Collections (beginning with JXL Brass). It comes for free with any collection that uses it. We plan on porting all existing collections to it, with existing customers receiving free crossgrades to the SINEplayer versions of their collections for all collections they've bought before the release of the respective SINEplayer version. Your Kontakt-based collections will continue to work as usual.

Why is OT creating a new player instead of just creating nice collections for Kontakt?

Simply put, SINEplayer offers us the chance to innovate. The legato maps, the á la carte instrument downloads, the mixer and the mic merging – SINEplayer makes all these things possible. As such, SINEplayer is more than just a new player engine.

What is the copy protection? Do I need a dongle?

SINEplayer uses its own copy protection system. You do not need any kind of dongle. Collections are licensed to your account and you can install any purchase on up to three machines.

Does SINEplayer need to be always-online? What about offline machines?

SINEplayer needs to get online once after installation to activate. It also needs an internet connection to download instruments, though you can download instruments on whichever machine you like and transfer them to another machine (even cross-platform). After SINEplayer has been activated, you never need to go online again if you download your instruments on another machine. We however recommend letting SINEplayer online at least sporadically so you can benefit from updates.

Does SINEplayer phone home? Will the online functionality impact my sequencer?

No, SINEplayer just updates Metadata content from our servers when the Store or MyLicenses are opened (and of course only if it is online). It does not transmit any other information. Apart from an online check when loading ("yes/no"), no actions are performed unless you deliberately open the Store View or MyLicenses. The store components do not get loaded until you actively engage them.

Can I import my existing OT collections into SINEplayer?

Yes. To begin with, only Junkie XL Brass is set up for SINEplayer. But we’ll be adding all the other OT libraries over the next few months.

How many machines can I install a collection on?

You can install on 3 machines, provided you are the sole user.

Does SINEplayer work in Vienna Ensemble Pro?

Yes it does! We’ve done extensive testing on VE Pro 7 and everything works OK.

Is Download and Purchasing a-la-carte available with SINEplayer?

Yes, a-la-carte downloads and purchases are available for all SINEplayer collections. As we add existing collections to SINEplayer you’ll be able to start using these features too. We are making other collections available over the coming months, and we’ll let you know as soon as we do. To keep updated on these, sign up to our newsletter and look out for more SINEplayer related content.

Does the SINEplayer player work in Pro Tools?

Yes, SINE Player has an AAX version as of version 1.0.6.

If you have any issues with SINEplayer, or have questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us at! This address is monitored by our dedicated Customer Support team and we will be happy to help!

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