SINE Crossgrades FAQ

Can I still buy a Kontakt-based version of existing SINE-based collections?

Yes, you can. If you decide later you would like to use it in SINE, there will be a small fee to support this. This upgrade fee is around 10% of the regular collection price—we need the fee to cover the doubled costs for downloads and licensing.

Can I switch from the SINE version to the Kontakt version?

No, your SINE License can not be crossgraded to Kontakt. If you have bought the SINE version, you can not purchase a Kontakt version anymore.

Is the SINE version of an existing collection the same as the Kontakt version?

Not quite: The SINE version of a collection might offer additional features not available in the Kontakt version, because we don’t maintain and update the older Kontakt versions of our collections.

Can I still use my existing collection in Kontakt when I make the move to Sine?

Yes. However please note, Kontakt versions of collections also available for SINE bought after May 13, 2020 can be upgraded to SINE, but for a support fee equaling 10% of the full price.

If I own an existing collection already, will I have to buy it again for SINE?

No—the SINE versions of existing collections are free for anyone who already owns the collection, as long as the purchase was before that particular collection was ported to SINE. If you purchase a Kontakt version after the respective collection is available in SINE, you will need to pay a crossgrade fee.

How do I get the SINE version of a Kontakt collection I already own?

It’s very simple: Just open SINE—if it’s not already listed under My Licenses, just add your serial number/download code. Note: You can find your serial either on the Native Instruments website (all Kontakt Player collections) or in your original purchase confirmation email (all collections, including those that require the full Kontakt).

In case you're wondering, the process is different depending on when you originally purchased the collection:

  • If you bought the collection in our shop after November 2019, then it will appear automatically under My Licenses.
  • If you bought the collection at a 3rd party  after November 2019, you will need to contact our support for your crossgrade price.
  • If you bought the collection before November 2019, you need to add your serial number/download code.

If your serial number is not recognized, please visit the Native Instruments website and look in your user area. We have had reports that Native Access does not always show the correct serial for bundle customers via NI. Your download codes from the emails you received from OT should always work.

Can I buy single instruments from collections that run on SINE?

Yes you can.

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