Berlin Woodwinds SINEplayer Crossgrades

If you want to crossgrade Berlin Woodwinds to SINE Player, the process depends on when you bought it:

  • If you crossgraded your original BWW (Legacy) to BWW Revive any time between 2017 and November 18, 2021, you need to enter your BWW Revive download code into MyLicenses, not your original BWW Serial number.
    • but: If you bought a BWW Revive Crossgrade after November 18, you will need to make a paid crossgrade to the SINEplayer version (just like any user who purchases a Kontakt version after November 18, 2021).
  • If you bought BWW Revive directly BEFORE November 2019, you need to enter your BWW Serial number into MyLicenses.
  • If you bought BWW Revive between after November 2019,  you will see the SINE version automatically in MyLicenses.
  • If you have never bought a crossgrade to BWW Revive and only have the original BWW (purchased between 2012 and 1217), you can still buy a crossgrade to the Kontakt version of BWW Revive on our Shop:
    This will allow you to then purchase the crossgrade to SINE Player, just like anyone else who purchases the Kontakt version after the release of BWW Revive on SINE Player.

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