The SINE Player Data Folder

SINE Player saves its data in a special system location. In this folder you can find a number of important files, some of which our support staff may ask you to send over or edit.

Locating the SINE Player Data Folder

You can find the data folder at:

Windows: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Orchestral Tools\SINE Player

macOS: <SystemDrive>:Users:<Username>:Library:Application Support:Orchestral Tools:SINE Player

Keep in mind, the AppData/Library may be hidden in your system. Kindly enable hidden folders before looking for the SINE Player Data folder.

Important Files in the SINE Player Data Folder

The following list describes the individual elements in the data folder, so you have an idea what they do. Generally you do not need to touch any of them, but you might be asked to by OT Support.

BrowserCache (folder)

This folder contains the internal browser cache. If the Store or MyLicenses act wonky, you can delete its contents to reset everything.

Content (folder)

Unless you install content to your system drive, this folder will likely only contain Library thumbnail images.


The Application.json holds global settings. You do not need to touch it unless settings are royally messed up.


The Console.json edits error handling. Do not change it unless asked to do so by OT Support.


The index.db powers the search feature. Delete it if the search is broken.


The Library.json contains the path and info of your downloaded content. Only delete it if you have Library issues and when asked to.


The Sync.json controls, which instance of SINE Player can download and edit the Library. Delete this file if SINE is stuck in read-only mode.


The User.json contains your user information. Do not delete it unless asked to do so by OT Support.

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