About Collection Notes

Welcome to the Collection Notes!

While all our collections use the same look and feel (SINEplayer or CAPSULE), still in most collections there's some interesting information you might like to know.

Instrumentation, specific details about the instruments used, microphone setups, etc...

Sometimes it is also useful to know the exact velocity layers, legato transitions and other technical information about individual instruments, so these are included here as well.

This section has one page for most collections, where you can find all that info. Let us know if you are missing anything so we can add it!

Legend for the Articulation Listings:
Symbol Name Description
R Range The playable range of the instrument.
L Layers Lists the number and musical dynamics of velocity layers the instrument uses.
T Transition Range The interval range of recorded legato transitions.
S Transition Styles If multiple legato styles are present, these are listed here by name.
V Vibrato Layers The number and type of vibrato layers.
M Microphone Positions Any special mic positions that deviate from the collection standard.
TM Time Machine Denotes a patch that uses TimeMachine for tempo-sync.
+ TimeMachine Patches
All patches marked with a "+" (plus sign) also exist as a TimeMachine patch. These patches allow you to adjust the length of the sample to your liking. For more Information refer to the User Guide.
# Key Velocity Patches
All patches marked with a "#" ("hashtag)

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