Berlin Brass | French Horn SFX - Notes

For Berlin Brass | French Horn SFX, we took a 4 horn section and recorded them in position both with tutti articulations, as well as each instrument individually. The result is a never before-seen flexibility in creating horn arrangements. It gives you a quality set of standard articulations, but the real focus of the collection lies on effects. Our innovative cluster builder allows you to assign the articulation for each horn separately without the need for multiple tracks. Automatic voice detection makes playing a breeze.

All divisi articulations have been recorded in place for each horn. We hope you will be as blown away as we were when we heard the different approaches of each player to the same articulation. Using the divisi articulations, you in effect get four unique takes of each articulation - it is like four solo horn libraries in one. Plus they blend beautifully. 
And then there‘s the tutti stuff. Last but not least, we took greatest care to make our piano really piano and our fortissimo really fortissimo. Sampled brass tends to hold back. This won‘t happen here! These instrumentalists gave it all they got and now you have the fruit of their labour right under your fingers.
We hope you find this collection inspiring and useful for your work. Let the FX begin!

The patches are organised inside the Instruments folder in Divisi and Tutti subfolders with Single Articulation patches containing a single articulation and Multi Articulation patches providing access to all articulations in one single patch. The Tutti folder contains all tutti articulations, with one articulation per patch. The Divisi folder contains the Cluster Builder and Random Staccato patches, with the four individual instruments controllable inside the patch. It also contains four subfolders for the four instruments with the articulations separated (again one articulation per patch). All instruments are subtly different instruments played by different musicians, not just additional recording passes and have been recorded in orchestral seating position including panning.

French Horn Ensemble a4

The French Horn Ensemble FX contain standard articulations like Sustain and Staccato to allow easy blending with the other articulations in <%C_BBR_C_N%> and also other brass collections like <%C_BBR_N%>. Then there is a broad range of FX recorded with the full section including Rips in different intervals, Flutter-tongue, Atonal Figures, Glissandi, and even nice Doppler Effect patches.
A special multi with three interval layers of flickering notes is also available for the Horn Ensemble.
01. Horn Ensemble Sustains R: B0-D#4 | L: 3 (p, mf, ff) | +
02. Horn Ensemble Staccato R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | RR: 3 | +
03. Horn Ensemble Trills R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | HT Trill | +
04. Horn Ensemble Fluttertongue R: G#1-D#4 | +
05. Horn Ensemble Rips Short R: G#1-D#4 | RR: 2 | +
06. Horn Ensemble Rips Long R: G#1-C4 | RR: 2 | +
07. Horn Ensemble Rips 3rd R: G#1-A#3 | +
08. Horn Ensemble Rips Tritone R: G#1-A#3 | +
09. Horn Ensemble Rising Figure R: G2-D3 | +
10. Horn Ensemble Atonal Risers R: G2-A4 | +
11. Horn Ensemble Atonal Falls Short R: C1-G#2 | RR: 2 | +
12. Horn Ensemble Atonal Falls Long R: C1-G#2 | RR: 2 | +
13. Horn Ensemble Glissandi Oct Short R: G#1-E3 | +
14. Horn Ensemble Glissandi Oct Long R: G#1-E3 | +
15. Horn Ensemble Doppler Short R: B1-E4 | RR: 2 | +
16. Horn Ensemble Doppler Long R: B1-E4 | RR: 2 | +
Horn Ensemble SFX Multi -
Horn Ensemble SFX Flicker Multi Three Flicker Intervals over the whole instrument range

Solo Horns I-IV

Each of the four horns that make up the section has been recorded in its seating position with five standard articulations. These are available in two special FX Builder patches: A Cluster Builder that lets you build custom "divisi" clusters with independent tuning and articulations for each horn, and the Cluster Builder Staccato that plays random staccati, again with customizable ranges.
French Horn Individual Builders
01. Horns Divisi Cluster Builder 4 individual Horns with all articulations (see below) with pitch control.
02. Horns Divisi Cluster Builder Stacc 4 individual random staccato Horns with pitch and speed control.
French Horn I
01. Horn I Sustains R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
02. Horn I Stopped Sustains R: G1-D#4 | L: 2 (pp, mf) | +
03. Horn I Trills R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
04. Horn I Fluttertongue R: B0-D#4 | +
05. Horn I Bendings R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
Horn I Multi -
French Horn II
01. Horn II Sustains R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
02. Horn II Stopped Sustains R: G1-D#4 | L: 2 (pp, mf) | +
03. Horn II Trills R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
04. Horn II Fluttertongue R: B0-D#4 | +
05. Horn II Bendings R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
Horn II Multi -
French Horn III
01. Horn III Sustains R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
02. Horn III Stopped Sustains R: G1-D#4 | L: 2 (pp, mf) | +
03. Horn III Trills R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
04. Horn III Fluttertongue R: B0-D#4 | +
05. Horn III Bendings R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
Horn III Multi -
French Horn IV
01. Horn IV Sustains R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
02. Horn IV Stopped Sustains R: G1-D#4 | L: 2 (pp, mf) | +
03. Horn IV Trills R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
04. Horn IV Fluttertongue R: B0-D#4 | +
05. Horn IV Bendings R: B0-D#4 | L: 2 (p, f) | +
Horn IV Multi -

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