The Orchestral Grands - Notes

The Orchestral Grands features two Steinway Grand Pianos recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage as well as a post-processed Sustaining Grand.

This section briefly explains the contained instrument and points out usage scenarios and expansion options.

Steinway B

The Steinway B with its brilliant sound cuts right through anything. Use it if you need a piano with a lot of presence that is easily heard. The Steinway B offers full Pedal Control and Pedal Noises and is very suitable for work in all genres.
Steinway B R: A-1-C7 | L: 3 | Pedal Control | Pedal Noise

Steinway D

A true gem, the Steinway D lives and breathes nobility. With a very smooth sound when playing piano and a well rounded forte, use this grand piano for places where either a soloistic sound is needed, or a classical sound blending well with the orchestra.
This piano features 4 round robins for all sustains.
The Steinway D features special Staccato samples with six round robins. To use these samples, move the modwheel (CC1) up. Move it down again to play sustain.
The staccato mode is great for percussive passages cutting right through a dense orchestration.
Steinway D R: A-1-C7 | L: 3 | Sustained & Staccato Samples | Pedal Control | Pedal Noise

Sustaining Grand

The Sustaining Grand is a special processed piano derived from the main recordings which is reverberated through a Teldex IR.If you cry easily, beware of the Sustaining Grand. This special processed piano will enhance all those bittersweet moments in your scores. Lovers long separated will reunite, the valiant hero, who just once again happened to save the world, lovingly embraces his treasured lady... you get the trick.
Just play this piano and marvel at it beautiful tone. And then post in online forums that good old analogue signal chains sound bad. We dare you!
Sustaining Grand R: A-1-C7 | L: 3 | Pedal Control | Teldex IR | M: Single Processed Position

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