Adding SINEplayer to your sequencer

SINEplayer comes as a VST (Win/Mac) and AU (Mac) plugin.
Which plugin format you need depends on your sequencer, please consult your sequencer's manual.

SINEplayer is a 64bit plugin and will not work in 32bit hosts.


SINEplayer currently does not come as an AAX plugin, so it can only be used with Pro Tools via a 3rd party host. FL Studio is not supported at this time, with a 3rd party host being the workaround, too. See System Requirements for details.


On Windows, SINEplayer's installer will ask you for a VST location during installation. Choose wherever you want the plugin to be installed. Afterwards, make sure your sequencer scans that path for new plugins. Please consult your sequencer's manual for details on how to do this.


On macOS, SINEplayer is automatically installed into the correct system path, so as long as you use a sequencer that uses VST or AU plugins, merely scanning for new plugins in your sequencer will make it appear.

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