Vivid Keys - Notes

Recorded in a dry studio using close mics, Vivid Keys captures the pure, direct sound of a Yamaha C3 grand piano—a mainstay of recording studios worldwide. By using the soft pedal for all samples, Vivid Keys delivers rich, round timbres.

Three ready-to-go mixes let you start creating right away. The natural mix offers an upfront, present sound with just a touch of optional reverb. The cinematic mix builds on the softer dynamics of the raw piano tone, adding a large, shimmering pad. And the tight pop mix uses dynamic compression to provide the punch for cutting through any production.

01. Natural Mix

01. Vivid Keys - Warm R:A-1 - C7 | L:7 (pppp, ppp, pp, pp, p, mp, mf) | RR:5
02. Vivid Keys - Raw Patch R:A-1 - C7 | L:12 (pppp, ppp, pp, p, p, mp, mp, mf, mf, f , ff, fff) RR:5

02. Cinematic Mix

01. Cinematic Mix                 R:A-1 - C7 | L:7 (pppp, ppp, pp, pp, p, mp, mf) | RR:5

03. Tight Pop Mix

01. Tight Pop Mix                                R:A-1 - C7 | L:12 (pppp, ppp, pp, p, p, mp, mp, mf, mf, f , ff, fff) RR:5

04. Extras

01. Pedal Noises R:C0 - C7 | L:7 (ppp, pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff) RR:8

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