Patina is the sound of a well-loved upright piano—worn and faded, but with rich, complex tones, and imbued with personality from generations of players.

Patina was intricately recorded in both Felt and Pure versions, from multiple mic positions. With three round robins in both versions, it’s perfect for pattern-based playing. We recorded experimental playing techniques, using plectrums and brushes, for example. And Patina also offers a wide spectrum of sound design patches—from delicate dulcimers and multi-spectral pads to mournful, lumbering basses.

With its distinct tone, rich harmonics and heady atmospherics, Patina creates worlds of spatially rich sound that can be used in a variety of ways—beautifully capturing the essence of a fading memory, flickering randomly through the dusty afternoon light.

Unprocessed instrument:

01. Piano

01. Pure R:A-1 - C7 | L:4 (p, mp, mf, f) | RR: 3
02. Felt R:A-1 - C7 | L:4 (p, mp, mf, f) | RR: 3
03. Felt low R:A-2 - C7 | L:4 (pp, p, mp, mf) | RR: 3
04. Sustains spectrum R:B-1 - C5 | L:2 (p, mf) | RR: 3 
05. Strokes spectrum R:B-1 - C5 | L:1 (mp) | RR: 4
06. Sustains finger R:B-1 - C5 | L:2 (p, mf) | RR: 3
07.Strokes paintbrush R:B-1 - C5 | L:1 (mp) | RR: 4 
08. Tremolo paintbrush morph R:B-1 - C5 | L:2 (p, mf) | RR: 1

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