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When things go really wrong, we are here to help! For common issues specific to Kontakt, look also at the special Capsule FAQ.

After updating SINEplayer, my sequencer crashes when scanning it/loading a project/loading SINEplayer

This is generally caused by an outdated plugin still being used by the sequencer. When installling SINEplayer on Windows, the installer will ask you for a plugin location. Make sure you pick the same location as in your original installation. If you are not sure, just delete all SINE Player.dll files on your system and re-install.

I’m using SINEplayer in FL Studio and experiencing horrible performance issues. What now?

Our tests have found that a few additional clicks in FL Studio can solve performance issues. Make sure you’re using a fixed buffer size and that the option ‘Align tick lengths’ is checked. More info here:

We are investigating performance issues with FL Studio at this time and suggest that until we can give a definitive recommendation you use a different sequencer or use SINEplayer with Vienna Ensemble Pro.

I have merged a mic position and it is not loading into RAM

This is a rare issue we are tracking - simply restart SINEplayer and it will load.

When I play, faders are moving/panning changes/paranormal activity is seen?

When unexplained things like this happen, you most likely have a MIDI device in your system that sends rogue MIDI CCs. Try disconnecting all devices one after another to see which might be causing this. There are also some MIDI keyboards that send additional CC messages.

Make sure that your MIDI keyboard only sends note name and velocity.

Kontakt's automation section shows you which CCs are coming in, so it should allow you to trace the CC that's responsible.Capsule's Controller Table shows you which CC is assigned to which function.

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