We use the Continuata Connect system to download and extract all collections. All downloads are hosted on Amazon S3 servers which will give you great speed wherever you are on the globe.

Berlin Series Expansion Collections

All Orchestral Tools collections work standalone. You do not need any Main Collection to use its Expansion Collections. It is also very important that you  place each collection in an individual folder. It is not wise to copy Expansion Collections into their respective Main Collection's folder. This leads to severe issues and is not supported.

Automatic Download

1. Go to Continuata Connect to download the Continuata Connect downloader. If you have previously installed the downloader, please update it to the newest version for the best download performance. Note that we still recommend using Connect (lower links on the site) in most cases. If you experience download issues with it, by all means give the newer Conduct a try!

2. Put the serial number or download code into the downloader software. Make sure to include the dashes on numerical serials! Choose a download folder on your computer by creating a new folder (for example with the name of the collection) and pointing Connect towards it. This folder will be used to first download all the files. After download, all of the files will be extracted into this folder. Makes sure there is enough space in this folder for both download and extraction. You need roughly twice the collection size of free space.

If you are installing an update, you may need to choose the folder of your existing collection. If that is the case, the download email will say so.

Please use an internal drive, as the downloader sometimes has issues downloading to external (USB/Firewire, Thunderbolt) drives. The downloader will automatically start the download. If you need to pause or temporarily stop the download, you can continue it anytime later. You can safely close the Connect application; upon reopening simply click "Download" again and it will pick up where it left. Depending on your connection, the download can take a while. Should the connection break, the download will automatically retry, so you can leave it running overnight.

Downloading Berlin Woodwinds

Berlin Woodwinds consists of two parts:

Berlin Woodwinds Revive is the full Berlin Woodwinds with the full mic selection of the Berlin Series, etc.

Berlin Woodwinds Legacy is the original Berlin Woodwinds included for flexibility.

Your download email contains one download code to download both Berlin Woodwinds Revive and Berlin Woodwinds Legacy. You do not need to separately download anything.

If you have purchased a crossgrade from the original BWW, your download email will contain a download code that downloads only the crossgrade files, so you can skip re-downloading Berlin Woodwinds Legacy.

If you have not purchased a Crossgrade to Berlin Woodwinds Revive, your download code will only download Berlin Woodwinds Legacy.

Manual Links

If you do not want to use the Continuata downloader or have issues with corrupted files, go to the Manual Links page, where you will be asked to enter your download code. You will then be sent an email with manual links where you can download the individual .rar packages. These links are valid for 24 hours for security reasons. If you run out of time, simply request the Manual Links again. You will then receive a new email with links that are again valid for 24 hours.

Select a download folder and download all the individual .rar/.zip packages. Usually, this will be several numbered .rar files, a .zip file with all the instruments and (for Capsule Collections) the capsule_container.rar. After that, you can extract the files, either with Connect, or manually.

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