Preset System

Capsule features a powerful preset system, which allows you to transfer values and settings between different articulations and instruments.

The preset system intelligently applies your settings when you load a preset in any single or multi-instruments and will only restore the settings that actually apply to that instrument. 

All instruments, as well as mixer settings, will be recalled. So you can for example set up your perfect microphone mix with the Soft Low Layer option in one patch and reload the same setting into any other patch of the same collection.

Note that the loaded articulations of Multi Instrument Patches are not recalled by design to avoid wrong assignments.

Default Preset

There is one default preset, which you can save and load with one click by clicking the respective buttons in the GUI. This default preset is shared by all Capsule patches within a collection. This means you can set any patch up the way you want it and use the same settings in any other patch just by loading the default preset. When saving or loading the default preset, a confirmation message will be displayed in the Patch InfoView area in the Performance View.

Default Preset

Individual Presets

You can also create individual presets that can be saved under a unique name and loaded any time. Saving and loading work the same way as with the default preset. Just click the respective button at the top right of the UI. A standard Save/Load dialog will appear, giving you access to your file system. You can store these presets anywhere you like; they do not need to be in the collection folder.

Preset Options

The Preset Options can be accessed by clicking the line underneath the Save/Load Preset buttons and will open a popover.
There, you can set which settings will be applied when the preset is loaded. The four options correspond to the four Views and allow you to for example just load Controller Table settings.

Preset Options

When a preset is saved, all settings are always saved into the preset file. The status of the four sections' checkboxes is also saved into the file.
If the "Load as Saved" switch is set to on, upon loading a preset, it will be loaded with the section settings as they were set when saving the patch. So if only Mixer was checked when saving the patch, only the mixer settings are recalled if "Load as Saved" is on. If "Load as Saved" is off, the checkboxes set in the patch itself will apply.

The popover can be dismissed by clicking the X in the lower right corner or clicking anywhere inside the free popover area.

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