Performance View

The Performance View features the most commonly used controls for each patch. In Single Articulation Patches, you will find the Main Knob with its velocity layer display here, as well as Con Sordino, Auto Sustain, vibrato style and other important settings (depending on the instrument). In Multi Articulation Patches, the Performance View is where you load and customize individual articulations, set your control preferences and switch between the selected articulations.

The look of the Performance View differs greatly from patch to patch, and even more between Single and Multi Articulation patches. This is why this view is covered in the respective sections later in this User Guide in detail.


All patches have a < TR > transpose section in their lower left.


This feature allows you to transpose the playable range of the whole patch without affecting keyswitches and other non-playable keys.

The transpose controls are very useful if you want to, either shift the playable range to conform to a different tuning system, or to play in your favourite key together with instrumentalists when using Capsule live. This feature is also well suited for stacking custom ensembles with octave-shifted instruments, for example Violins I and II in octaves.

Playable Range

The Playable Range feature lets you set the playable range of the current patch. By default, this is set to the recorded instrument ranges.
You can then expand or narrow the range by entering note names. This is very useful if you want to extend the range a bit or to limit it for building ensembles.
Note that extreme values will lead to less aesthetically pleasing results.

Playable Range

Notes that go over the recorded range of the instrument are shown yellow in Kontakt's keyboard.

Extended Range Keys

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