Downloading Instruments

After you have installed and activated SINEplayer, open it and click MyLicenses to go to your MyLicenses area.
Here you find all your licensed instruments and can download them directly.

Note: Generally it is best to download from the standalone version of SINEplayer, but you can also download right from the plugin. Note that only one instance of SINEplayer can download and install instruments; other instances are read-only. Learn more about this at Running multiple instances / using Standalone and Plugjn together.

MyLicenses lists all series and collections you have licensed instruments in. You can see the number of instruments in that collection you have licensed, and the total number of instruments within that collection.

Similarly you can see the number of downloaded instruments out of the total number of instruments.

Click Details to go to the Collection Details.

Here you will see all of the licensed instruments with their mic positions.

At the top of the instruments, you will find a QUICK KITS section. This lets you quickly select pre-made microphone combinations for download that represent general usage scenarios.

Below it, PRO SELECT lets you pick individual mic positions for all instruments of that collection. Click TREE and the TREE position of all instruments will be marked for downloading.

You can also click on individual mic positions within the instruments below.

Once you are satisfied with your selection, click the Download selected button in the top right. This button shows the number of selected mic positions.

You will be asked to choose a download location SINEplayer will install to. You can pick any drive - make sure there is enough space! SINEplayer will deal with the whole file organization on its own, you just need to pick a drive.

Once the download has been confirmed, the Download View (which you can reach any time with the rightmost icon in the View Selector) shows all current and future downloads.

Once a download is finished, the instrument is immediately available and playable in the Library View, even if other instruments from the same collection are still downloading.

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