Installing Instruments on Offline Systems

If you prefer to have your music machine(s) not permanently connected to the internet, SINEplayer supports that workflow!

There are three easy steps to getting instruments installed on an offline system:

1) Activate SINEplayer on the offline system

Download and install SINEplayer on the offline system. When starting it, you will need to connect the machine to the internet once to activate. Follow Activating SINEplayer to do this.

After you have activated SINEplayer, you can disconnect from the internet again.

2) Download your instruments on another machine

Use SINEplayer on another machine that is connected to the Internet to download your instruments. Just follow Downloading Instruments.

3) Transfer the files to the offline machine and add them to the Library View

After the download has finished, go to the download location and find the correct instruments. Just look insider the DriveName/Orchestral Tools/SINEplayer/Content folder for all the numbered folders that contain the instruments. Each numbered folder (the number is the Instrument ID) will have subfolders for each microphone position. Each of those folders contains two files. 

As long as those two files (*.otarc and *.otmeta) are together, all is well! We recommend, however, to preserve SINEplayer's folder structure. So best just copy the whole "Orchestral Tools" folder to wherever you want to have it on your offline machine.

Open SINEplayer on the offline machine and press +Collection in the Library View. Choose the folder you just copied and SINEplayer will add everything to its Library.

That's it!

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