Deleting Mic Positions / Instruments

SINEplayer treats a mic position as the smallest unit of an instrument. That means not only can you install individual mic positions, but you can also delete individual positions without influencing other mic positions of the same instrument.

To delete a mic position, click it in the Library View and chose Delete Position.

Confirm the dialog and the position will be erased from the Library and your hard drive. You can of course re-download it at any time, or create it again in case of a Mic Merge.

Deleting a mic position is only possible in the Master Instance of SINEplayer.

Note that if the deleted position was the last position of an instrument, the instrument will be removed from the Library View when closing and re-opening the Browse area. Similarly, if the deleted mic position was the last one in the whole collection, so that no other instruments are left, the collection will be removed when you restart SINEplayer.

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